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Hydraulic Long-Plate Forming Press
Special Features
  1. Electro-Hydraulic Servomechanism provides extreme repeat and parallelism accuracy of slide regardless of off-center loading in the left-right direction.
  2. We have actual results of distribution to Major Thick Plate Processing Companies, for example the longest Bending Press of 18,000mm. We will produce Press Machine according to Customers' requests such as Straight Side Frame Type, Four Column Type.
  1. Lowest Position Stopper
  2. Front Gauge
  3. Back Gauge
  4. Material Feeder
  5. Products Unloader
  6. Spring-Up type Adjusting Device
     ※Above options are available for customers requests including Dies and others.
Suitable Industries

This Press is useful for any kinds of Long-Plate Forming Processing as follows.

  1. Bridge Girder Forming
  2. Construction Steel Bars, Square Pipes, etc.
  3. UO Shaped Processing
  4. Construction Poles, Taper Poles. Arms of Construction Machinery
Chassis Forming Press
KOJIMA's Chassis Forming Press is for the purpose of forming, piercing and cut-piercing of long and thick chassis frame. Many are especially supplied for the application of big sized motor car and working in foreign countries as well as in Japan.
The long table mono-frame and the coupled frame types are available. The accessories are the forming die, die exchanging device, material feeder, unloader and palletizing device, etc.