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Scrap Baler
Our Scrap Balers form compact metal cubes out of loose scrap.
The scrap which comes out of press line can be efficiently processed with a fully automated operation.
Our Scrap Baler is composed of Main Body, Conveyer, Measure etc. as a line.
The standard cube sizes are 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 400mm square.

  1. Two Types of Pressing Lid Type and Shearing Lid Type are available.
  2. The shape of Liner is so specially contrived that even the small piece of scrap can be surely processed.
  3. The Liner is remarkably durable due to the special material with heat treatment.
  4. The sufficiently long guides for pressing rods realizes superb resistance to off-center loads.
  5. The special structure of mechanical joints prevent the deflection which could be caused by repetitive operation and off-center loads.
  6. Shockless mechanism and hydraulic circuits realizes high-frequent and high-speed operation.
●Basic Operation (Pressing Lid Type)
Pressing Lid Type
●Basic Operation (Shearing Lid Type)
Shearing Lid Type