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500T Ram Traveling Press 500Tx2 Coupled Press Brakes
▲500T Ram Traveling Press ▲500Tx2 Coupled Press Brakes
275T Hemming Press and Feeding Device Triple Action Type Wheel Press
▲275T Hemming Press and Feeding Device ▲Triple Action Type Wheel Press
1,500T Single Action Press with Stretcher 1,000T Ram Head Traveling Type Press
▲1,500T Single Action Press with Stretcher ▲1,000T Ram Head Traveling Type Press
1,000T Hot Plate Press 3,500T Powder Forming Press
▲1,000T Hot Plate Press ▲3,500T Powder Forming Press
1,000Tx2 Bulge Forming Press Scrap Baler-Shear
▲1,000Tx2 Bulge Forming Press ▲Scrap Baler-Shear
Special Sintering Press NC Punching Press
▲Special Sintering Press ▲NC Punching Press
500T Portal Type Plate Working Press 1,000T Forming System
▲500T Portal Type Plate Working Press ▲1,000T Forming System
1,000T FRP Molding Press 1,000T FRP Molding Press
▲1,000T FRP Molding Press ▲Wheel Press
300T Hot Extrusion Molding Press
▲300T Hot Extrusion Molding Press
Hydro-Forming Press
Special Features
  1. Feature on Die
    Only convex die is required. There is no need for hollow die. Convex die can be made of even plastic.
    Tapered and parabolic drawn parts are produced in one forming operation while the classical drawing method generally requires 5 to 6 press operations and 1 to 2 intermediate annealing operations.
  2. Feature on Products
    Since the material thinning at the bottom radii is very small, thinner sheet metal can be formed.
    An outstanding surface finish can be obtained because the sheet metal is drawn over a hydraulic cushion and not over the edges of a drawing die. Excellent product shape can be obtained because pressure and speed can be set up according to forming condition. No deformation after forming will break out.
  3. Feature in Operation
    This Hydroforming Press can be used as both of Double Action Deep Drawing Press and Single Action Deep Drawing Press (with Inner/Outer locked) when the Dome is put out of Press.
●Basic Operation
Basic Operation
3,000T Hydro Forming Press Forming Die in the Press
▲3,000T Hydro Forming Press ▲Forming Die in the Press
Building Material Forming Press
Special Features
  1. Such products as building panels and tiles, which are made of noninflammable materials, can obtain exceeding density, strength and flatness on surface with equal and high pressure by building Material forming Press.
  2. KOJIMA has business result of Building Material Forming Presses which capacity is up to 7,000T.
  3. KOJIMA will offer the most suitable high-quality press to production line. Standard, flat, wavy, embossed and other shaped boards are available. Conveyers and other accessories also are available.
3,800T Building Material Press and Traversing Equipment 1,200T Building Material Press and Traversing Equipment/Ring Frame Type
▲3,800T Building Material Press and Traversing Equipment ▲1,200T Building Material Press and Traversing Equipment/Ring Frame Type
Hybrid System
Lead Press in Tandem Line used to necessarily be Double Action Press. In accordance with the progress in Die mechanism and Die Cushion Device Single Action is getting to cover most of Deep Drawing Operation. Eventually Double Action Press is not necessarily required recently as lead presses for the saving of Dies cost and Maintenance cost.
Notwithstanding this situation Double Action Press can not be eliminated, because of its use for the forming of Service Parts and Special Parts, and are operated in Single Action use by using only inner ability to make most use of facility.
KOJIMA developed KOJIMA HYBRID PRESS SYSTEM in collaboration with Hyundai Motor Company (Seoul, Korea) in which both usage as Single Action and Double Action can be obtained by putting additional hydraulic system to Double Action Press.
Special Features
  1. Single Action mode will be available on Double Action Press by setting additional hydraulic device.
       1.Full power of Inner and Outer can be utilized.
       2.Maximum area of Slide can be utilized.
       3.SPM remains the same as original specification.
  2. Double Action mode is also available.
  3. SPM as a line will increase as Turnover Action is not required.
  4. Cost for remodeling is not expensive.
●Slide Action and Drawing Sequence
Slide Action and Drawing Sequence
Hyundai Motor Company/Ulsan Hyundai Motor Company/Ulsan
▲Hyundai Motor Company/Ulsan
Press Forming System (KIP)
This is a new Resin Forming system in which Vertical Type Press and Injection Machine are combined.
SP Mold Process (Multi Forming Process) which was developed by Sumitomo Chemical Co.,Ltd. is adopted. Integrated Molding Method of Surface and Base materials by use of Injection Press, instead of previous Extral Binding Process by separate molding, realized the great saving of labor and cost. This system is adopted as Lower Pressure and Lower Deformation method for following products.
  1. Inner and Outer parts of automobiles
  2. Large-sized industrial parts
  3. Household utensils
  4. Others
Special Features
  1. Simultaneous forming of Base and Surface materials
  2. Less forming process
  3. Shorter forming cycle
  4. Smaller equipment
  5. Cost saving
The operation can be automated with following equipments.
  1. Resin Charging Device
  2. Surface Material Feeder
  3. Product Unloader
  4. Trimming Device
●Forming Process
Forming Process


FRP Molding Press
Special Features
  1. Parallel Control (Patent Pending) is to maintain the parallelism of slide by controlling four main cylinders. Four main cylinders can be controlled at any position of stroke at full pressure.
  2. The Slide is equipped with extra long eight-point-adjustable Gib Guides which can bear against off-center loading.
  3. The special shockless circuit realizes smooth operation.
  4. The pressing speed control system is available.
The operation can be automated with following equipments.
  1. Material Cutting Machine
  2. Material Weighing Machine
  3. Die Shifter
  4. Material Charger
  5. Product Unloader
Charger Unloader
Charger Unloader