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Hi-Speed Stamping Press
Special Features
This press is designed to achieve high speed, high accuracy high performance, high reliability and low noise. The servo control system is employed and the high productivity nearly equal to the mechanical press can be obtained.
  1. The capacity of selection required pressing capacity automatically in conjunction with the high speed up/down cylinders will always provide the optimum cycle time. 12 to 15 spm depending upon the forming conditions can be obtained.
  2. Forming condition on Pressure, Speed, Stroke can be set freely.
  3. High competency in Drawing Performance is suitable for forming High-Tension material and Aluminum.
  4. Time for Die-Height adjustment is needless.
  5. Maintenance is easy with simple composition.
  6. Lower-grade material and smaller-sized blank can be used compared with Mechanical Press.
  1. Pump Action by Electric-Hydraulic Servomechanism realizes Automatic Control Operation. 512 data patterns of DIEs can be uploaded and downloaded by Preset Programming.
  1. Setting up data and Monitoring can be operated easily with Graphic Touch Panel.
  1. Frames are designed with high rigidity to correspond to High Cycle Operation.

Hi-Speed Tryout Press
Special Features
  1. Pressing Speed is as high as Mechanical Press's (400〜600mm/sec) with use of Accumulator.
  2. Simulation of Mechanical Press is available by use of both Servo Logic Valve Control and Air Cushion.
  3. This Press is also usable as a Production Press for backup.
Accumulator Mode
Multi Forming Curve