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Special Features
High Speed
Extraordinary high speed as Hydraulic Press and Special Hydraulic Circuit realized safe and quiet operation.
High Precision
Press Frames hold enough rigidity and strength to retain High Precision and are designed to stand up to longtime harsh usage. Production is performed in conformity with JIS Regulation System.
High Operational Performance,  Safety
Push buttons, selector switches, meters and adjustment valves are centralized on Operation Panel, with which the safe and certain operations is available for each performance. Safety devices in conformity with Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health realized safe and efficient operation
Suitable Industries

This Single Action Deep Drawing Press is designed to be applied not only to Deep Drawing but also to Shallow Drawing, Punching, Bending and so on.

  1. Parts for Automobile related industry
    =Brakedisk, Body, Gasoline Tank, Accelerator Housing, Bumper, chassis
  2. Kitchen Ware
    =Deep Drawing for Sinks, Kettles, Bowls, Vessels
  3. Home Electrical Appliances
    =Parts for Washing Machines, Electrical Rice-cookers, TV sets, Refrigerators and so on
●A Picture of Deep Drawing by Single Action Press
A Picture of Deep Drawing by Single Action Press